Q. What is the eCourse and is it a requirement for a motorcycle license. 
A. Yes it is now a part of the Basic Rider Course Class in order to receive a Motorcycle License.
​    The cost of the eCourse is included with the class tuition.

Q. What if I am an out-of-state licensed driver who has moved to Texas and I already have a Class M and would like to obtain a Texas driver license with a Class M. Do I need to present evidence of completion of a Motorcycle Safety Course?

A. Applicants age 18 and above with a valid out-of-state driver license with motorcycle classification will be waived of the requirement to present evidence of completion of a Motorcycle Safety Course. Applicants 15-17 years of age will be required to present proof of completion of an MSF course and take the motorcycle driving skills test. 

Q. If I need to renew my Texas driver license and I have had a Class M prior to September 1, 2009, do I need to present evidence of completion of the Motorcycle Safety Course?

A. No. TRC 521.148 provides that only original applicants who apply for a Class M on or after September 1, 2009 are required to present completion of the Motorcycle Safety Course.

Q. Is it true that I can request to waive the motorcycle skills test if I present completion of the Motorcycle Safety Course?

A. Yes. TAC 15.55(3) provides that the motorcycle skills test can be waived for applicants age 18 and above upon presenting completion of the Motorcycle Safety Course.

Q. Does Texas place an indicator on my driver license alerting law enforcement that I can operate a motorcycle without a helmet?

A. No. There are no statutory provisions requiring an indicator be placed upon the driver license signifying that the driver may operate a motorcycle without a helmet. Visit the Motorcycle Safety Bureau website at http://www.tdps.state.tx.us/msb for more information about helmet rules and exemptions.

Q.  What do I need to bring to the classroom? 

 For the classroom session you need to bring:
A valid drivers license
Glasses... if you need them for viewing slides, video monitors and/or paperwork.
If you are under 18 years old, you will also need to bring a parent or guardian to the beginning of the class to sign a waiver.
Pen or Pencil.

Q. What do I need when riding the motorcycle?
To participate in the riding activities, the following is required:
Long denim pants or material of equivalent durability (no holes, cutouts, sweats, or tights). 
Leather gloves that cover the fingers.
Leather shoes or boots that cover the ankle ( no spike heels, platform shoes, or cloth shoes).
A long sleeve shirt or jacket.
Bring eye protection ( sunglasses, eye glasses, googles and/or face shields are acceptable).
DOT approved helmet

Q.  Do you supply motorcycles?

Yes, we do provide motorcycles for the Basic Rider Course. 

Q. Do I need a helmet? 

We have helmets if you need one. You are free to bring your own helmet. It must meet DOT standards. You will also need eye protection. 

Q.  Do I get a copy of the Rider's Handbook?

Yes, you will be given a copy at the first class session, which is yours to keep, take notes,  etc.

Q.  What happens if I'm late or don't show for a class? 

Classes start promptly! This is a state program and students are not allowed to arrive late. If you were to arrive late or miss a session you will be asked to leave the class. 

Q.  Will I have to go to the DMV for my license after I pass?

Yes, Upon successful completion of the class, you will receive a certificate, you take that to the DPS and it will waive the skills test. 

Q. How about discounts on insurance?

Many insurance companies offer a discount for successful completion of the Basic Riders Course or the Experienced Rider Course. Your Completion card will serve as proof of completion. Please check with your insurance company to see if they honor your certificate of completion.

Q. What size bikes do you use? 

We use 125 cc and 250 cc training motorcycles. We also have scooters available upon request.

Motorcycle License FAQ's
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