Half day class using your own motorcycle 
The Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Basic RiderCourse 2 (BRC2) is for experienced riders only.  

Course Requirements: 

Participants must be at least 16 and are required by Texas state law to have had a motorcycle endorsement on their license. 
Participant-owned motorcycles used in the ERC must be street-legal (i.e. registered, inspected, and insured) and will be subject to a safety check before the riding exercises.

 For the protection of all concerned, we reserve the right to suspend anyone from riding activities if, in our opinion, they can not control a motorcycle. 

Dress Requirements: You must bring a DOT or Snell approved helmet, eye protection (goggles, glasses, or a helmet face shield), a long-sleeved shirt or jacket, long pants of sturdy material. Over-the ankle footwear, full-fingered gloves (leather boots and gloves are preferred). Rain gear (no ponchos) are also strongly recommended. 


The BRC must be taken to obtain a motorcycle license in the state of Texas.  
The BRC is a two-day course that requires: eCourse, Classroom and Riding instruction.  
The BRC is composed of motorcycle fundamentals and safety. 
Course completion allows a waiver of the Texas Department of Public Safety driving test. 


Required Gear for Classes:
1.Long sleeve shirt or jacket
2.Long pants/jeans
3.Over the ankle boots
4.Eye protection such as goggles, sunglasses, shield, etc.
5.DOT helmet * If you do not own a DOT helmet, TxMT will loan you one for class
6.Full finger gloves *If you do not own gloves, TxMT will loan you a pair for class
7. eCourse Certificate

Please note: You must come prepared with the proper equipment. Student safety is our priority.


  • Texas Motorcycle Training offers private lessons to individuals who desire a one-on-one environment.
  •  The one-to-one instruction provided is the same classroom curriculum and course instruction that are presented during the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Basic Rider Course.
  • The fee for two day private lessons are $780.00.
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